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The Lingo'clock

Duolingo is the world’s #1 language learning app, but the hardest part about learning is staying motivated. In most cases life events get in the way, routines change, and some slowly fall out of the habit of doing their daily language lesson. Develop an idea that gets people back into the daily habit of learning a language and keeps them there in a fun and innovative way.

People often feel guilty about snoozing and get labelled as lazy. Duolingo wants to turn snoozing in a productive part of your morning routine.
In collaboration with Google Home, featuring a new update for your alarm clock. We’ll wake you up by shouting a random word for you to translate. If it’s correct you will be allowed to snooze! When snoozing a little longer, your brain can store the word you just learned. As the days go on the words will get harder. Guess you’ll have to do your exercises to keep up with the alarm clock! Snooze harder, get smarter!

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