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A Welcome Message

Duolingo is the world’s #1 language learning app, but the hardest part about learning is staying motivated. In most cases life events get in the way, routines change, and some slowly fall out of the habit of doing their daily language lesson. Develop an idea that gets people back into the daily habit of learning a language and keeps them there in a fun and innovative way.

Because of the war, thousands of Ukrainians are seeking shelter in host families all over Europe. It warms our hearts to see that so many people are welcoming them by opening up their homes. Still, it's difficult for them to feel at home.

Soap operas can be a nice, daily escape from reality for them and at the same time it's proven that they are great for learning a new language. That's how routine-watching becomes routine-learning. 

So, to help the refugees get to know the language and culture of the county they're staying in, Duolingo will partner up with big television broadcasters. Providing Ukrainian subtitles for well-known soap series. It also allows them to connect with their host family, creating topics of conversation and forgetting reality on a daily basis.

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